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Courtside Dental, your Regina family practice, provides root canal therapy to protect your natural teeth and restore daily function. Ravi Patel, DMD and Acia Rizvi, DMD are your compassionate dentists who wish to restore oral health to the smile and relieve discomfort.
If you’re experiencing the following symptoms, please contact our practice to receive a detailed examination and a plan for treatment. 

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Temperature-sensitive teeth
Swelling in gums around tooth
Tooth discoloration

Root Canal Therapy Saves Teeth 

Root canal therapy removes deep decay and saves the infected tooth from extraction. This procedure becomes necessary when decay has eaten through the enamel and spread to the inner tooth pulp. The pulp is composed of blood vessels and nerves and cause discomfort when infected. A root canal removes this tissue, easing discomfort and infection, which can affect other tissues if left alone. 
Dr. Patel and Dr. Rizvi strive to protect natural tooth structures, for a long-lasting, natural smile. The treated natural tooth can then supply the proper foundation for a porcelain crown. Ultimately, root canal therapy protects the natural smile, guarding your natural uniformity and beauty. 

Gentle Root Canal Therapy in Regina

Our dental team enhances patient comfort throughout root canal therapy. Dr. Patel and Dr. Rizvi walk patients through the whole process, from the initial consultation to applying the custom restoration. We will make sure patients are properly numbed for the process and will pause the treatment if we need to improve your comfort. Our Regina dentists will thoroughly remove decay from the infected tooth and restore inner support with a bio compatible filling material. The tooth is sealed off first with a temporary crown until the custom porcelain crown is ready. While receiving root canal therapy, patients can rely on our dentists for constant communication and support. 

Porcelain Crowns for a Restored Smile

Porcelain crowns are made to match the tooth they restore and are custom fit to be the right size and shape. The porcelain material used is hardened against daily wear and tear and mimics the natural appearance of teeth. When you receive a porcelain crown from our practice, it’s our goal to repair the smile in such a way that it appears fully natural. 

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