Crowns in Regina

A broken or damaged tooth leads to several dental issues if left untreated. Crowns protect teeth and restore their structure. Courtside Dental offers a wide range of options for crowns, tailored to the needs of our patients.

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Natural-looking Crowns

Crowns are essential in restorative oral healthcare. While fillings repair teeth damaged by small cavities, crowns are designed to restore the entire tooth and protect natural enamel. These restorations are placed over teeth, able to look and function like a natural tooth.

Our office creates accurate crowns the first time around. We are attentive to our patients’ needs, offering several options for treatment 

A crown covers a tooth, restores the structure, and protects the natural tissue from infection, damage, and decay. We offer several materials for crowns, including high-quality porcelain, lifelike zirconia, and durable gold, depending on the needs of the patient.

Why You May Need a Crown

Damaged or decayed teeth can lead to other issues if left unaddressed. To protect the smile, dentists must remove decay from teeth, but this leaves the tooth in a fractured state. A crown repairs the tooth protects the natural enamel and restores function to the smile.

Also, when following a root canal procedure, crowns restore the tooth's structure and covers an area susceptible to future decay.

Crowns Can Replace Teeth

With the advancements in dental implants, porcelain crowns can now replace a single missing tooth at any point in the smile. After the placement of one implant post directly into the jaw, our dentists fix a crown to the implant and restore the tooth completely.

Crowns fixed to dental implants offer an effective, long-lasting option to replace a missing tooth and restore jaw health.

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