Most patients enjoy consuming highly pigmented foods and beverages. Over time, however, this can take a toll on the brightness of teeth. Despite good oral habits and routine cleanings, factors beyond your control can cause teeth to yellow. If you are dismayed with the shade of your teeth, contact Courtside Dental to learn how our team can help.

Dr. Acia Rizvi provides quality and comfortable teeth whitening treatment that avoids many of the side effects associated with other whitening systems. He serves patients in Regina and surrounding communities.

Spa Dent Naturals in Regina for Whiter Smiles  

Dr. Rizvi uses Spa Dent Naturals for convenient, healthy, and outstanding teeth whitening. More patients are including this treatment as part of their routine dental hygiene visits. It requires a minimal amount of treatment time, usually only 20 minutes. Once the procedure is complete, patients are elated to see their teeth have been brightened by several shades.

All-Natural ingredients to Brighten Teeth

Spa Dent Naturals uses Xyliprox™, a patented gel that whitens teeth while providing maximum oral health benefits. The ingredients are all-natural and include:

  • Hydrogen and carbamide peroxide for whitening
  • Aloe to soothe gums
  • Neem to remove harmful bacteria and plaque
  • Calcium lactate binds to teeth and re-mineralizes them
  • Potassium citrate to desensitize gums

Healthy and Cutting-Edge System in Regina

This product is safe for enamel, and because it does not use heat or UV lighting, teeth do not undergo dehydration. Because dehydration is avoided, comfort is maximized throughout treatment, without the sensitivity commonly experienced with other systems.

Spa Dent Naturals is the first whitening system to incorporate blue and red light technology. The blue light activates the peroxide molecules, so stains are broken down quickly. The red light assists in healing and regenerating tissue. The combined use of blue and red curing lights provides optimal convenience and comfort.

Process of Teeth Whitening with Spa Dent Naturals

Our team of professionals at Courtside Dental begins treatment by recording your tooth shade before treatment, so you will be able to gauge your results. Next, a protective gingival barrier gel is applied to the gum line. Teeth are polished with Xyliprox™ first, then a tray with more gel is placed over the enamel. A curing light shines on the teeth for about twenty minutes to activate the gel.

For a convenient way to continue whitening treatment at your own pace, patients are also given additional trays, Xyliprox, and a bleaching light. to take home. Courtside Dental Gives More Reasons to Smile

Give Dr. Acia Rizvi a call if you would like to brighten your teeth with a safe, convenient, and healthy treatment. Courtside Dental adds luster and beauty to smiles in Regina and surrounding communities.


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