Cleanings, Exams & Prevention

Cleanings and Prevention

When it comes to long-term oral health, we at Courtside Dental believe that nothing is more important than on-going preventive care.

Our practice takes a serious approach to preventing potential issues when providing the people of Regina with healthy, happy smiles. The compassionate team here makes every effort to guide our patients to proper oral health through cleanings, exams, and education.

Our goal is to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to ensure a lifetime of dental health.


While at-home care like brushing, flossing, and rinsing are crucial for healthy gums and teeth, they are no replacement for regular visits to your dentist.

When you schedule a cleaning at Courtside Dental, you are signing up for comprehensive treatment. Our hygienist will use every method available to maximize your comfort while cleaning your teeth of plaque and tartar.

During this process, we can polish your teeth to give them a nice, smooth appearance that also helps prevent plaque from sticking to them as easily.


After your cleaning, our expert doctor performs an exam to take stock of your current oral health and identify any concerns or potential issues.

This usually involves an x-ray of your dental structure. This allows us to take a close look at the entire jaw, the teeth, and their roots. Using these detailed x-rays, we can easily determine if any of your teeth are at risk, or already have cavities that require treatment.

After a thorough exam, the dentist will develop a care plan that suits your unique needs.

Fluoride Treatments

Tooth enamel is harder than steel, but that doesn't mean it is indestructible. Plaque and bacteria are able to eat through the enamel and get to the softer layer below, known as the dentin. This is how cavities form.

Fluoride is a chemical found in many kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes that provides minerals that strengthen the enamel, making it a powerful tool for preventing tooth decay.

As an optional treatment, our dentist can apply a fluoride-enriched gel or varnish to your teeth that has a much higher concentration then what you would find at the store. This gives your enamel a powerful boost, keeping you safe from cavities and sensitivity.

A Lifetime of Healthy Smiles Starts with Proper Care

Courtside Dental enhances smiles every day for the people of Regina, as well as the surrounding communities of Harbour Landing, Albert Park Neighborhood, Lakeview, and Parliament Place.

To get a head start on your oral health, don't hesitate to call us today to schedule your first visit

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