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General Top 3 Causes of Child Tooth Decay

It’s never too early to start caring about your child’s teeth. Starting them on a path ...

Apr 24 • 3 min read
General Methods To Whiten Your Teeth

Whiter teeth can improve your smile and appearance, so it’s no wonder that teeth whitening is...

Apr 17 • 4 min read
Dentistry Sonicare Electric Toothbrushes

9 BENEFITS YOU HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT SONICAREBenefit #1: A Personal Toothbrush CoachOk, it’s not an act...

Apr 15 • 3 min read
General Why Do I Need Dental X-Rays?

Standard dental exams help ensure your oral health. A dental exam allows your dentist to give tips ...

Apr 5 • 8 min read
General Oral Cancer Awareness

  April is oral Cancer Awareness Month, and oral cancer screenings are a routine part of dental...

Courtside Dental Apr 4 • 1 min read