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Invisalign® in Regina – Courtside Dental

Teens and adults searching for an alternative to braces can turn to Courtside Dental in Regina for Invisalign® clear aligners. Our doctors are trained in administering Invisalign treatment to patients with a range of tooth alignment and bite problems. Customized to individual patient smiles, this clear aligner system offers a measure of convenience and freedom throughout the alignment process. Consider the many benefits our Regina Invisalign provider has to offer you, or feel free to call us if you have questions. 

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Orthodontic Treatment for Teens and Adults

The Invisalign method is designed to replace the use of traditional braces for teens and adults. After reaching full development, the jaw and teeth have stopped moving and become much more rigid. It’s at this time that Invisalign aligners work the best, adjusting teeth with the goal make for permanent change. Invisalign braces can correct issues from minor spacing between teeth to significant bite problems such as overbites. This treatment allows individuals who never received braces or have experienced dental relapse to achieve a straight smile and a proper, healthy bite.

Treatment is advanced based on individual teeth movement and is continuously tailored to your smile. Patients are given a few aligners at a time, and each is worn for about two weeks, with each set further adjusting teeth. Your Regina dentists will monitor the shifting of teeth to ensure treatment is effective and can alter aligners to provide more accurate movement. Treatment time is dependent on the consistent wearing of the aligners, 22 hours a day, and also how well patients maintain their oral hygiene.

Nearly Invisible Treatment for an Improved Smile

Invisalign aligners offer patients the chance to continue their daily lives uninterrupted. Made from clear acrylic, the braces are nearly invisible while in the smile. They are also removable at any time, freeing patients from diet restrictions. Although requiring minimal maintenance, Invisalign clear aligners are resilient to daily pressures and are designed to be comfortable for all-day use. 

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Our doctors provide Invisalign to improve your smile and oral health. Our practice serves Regina, seeing patients from Harbour Landing and all surrounding areas. Call our dentists for an appointment, or fill out an online request form, and see if Invisalign aligners are right for you.