Emergency Dental Care in Regina

When accidents happen or tooth decay spreads, individuals and families alike need reliable and ready medical assistance. Courtside Dental in Regina provides emergency dental care for those accidents that cannot be avoided. We care for a range of emergencies, including cracked or broken teeth, avulsed teeth, and damaged restorations.

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If you are experiencing a dental emergency currently, please call us immediately. We will work hard to fit patients in same-day or provide advice to alleviate discomfort. Our Regina dental practice recommends that you place knocked out or fractured teeth in a glass of milk or water until your emergency dental appointment. 

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Relieving Dental Pain and Aches

Sudden dental pain can be due to infection, where decay has gone unnoticed and spread through your teeth. In advanced cases, the infection may have spread to crucial dental structures such as the jaw bone. Visiting your Regina dentist regularly will often protect the smile from unwanted infection, but if a toothache develops, dental care needs to be sought out immediately. 

Our experienced Regina dentists, Dr. Ravi Patel and Dr. Acia Rizvi, examine your smile when dental pain appears or has become unbearable.  We will diagnose the source and provide a personalized plan to treat your dental emergency and combat any pain. For cases regarding extensive decay that may require surgery or advanced dental work, we extend our care through trusted specialists that will aid in treatment and restoration. 

Providing Treatments for Accidents and Damage

We understand how easy it is to damage teeth, from taking a fall to being the victim of an athletic accident. Dr. Patel and Dr. Rizvi stand by patients when dental trauma occurs, providing rapid relief and effective treatment. At our Regina dental practice, we provide care for a variety of dental emergencies, including: 

  • Knocked out teeth
  • Broken, fractured teeth
  • Damaged Restorations

Our dentists will first relieve and address the source any pain in order to protect the smile from further damage. It’s key to visit the dentist as soon as possible when accidents occur, for permanent damage is possible. We will provide temporary restorations or fillings, sealing a damaged tooth from further decay. In some cases, accidents can be reversed by putting teeth back in their socket or by reattaching a restoration. For all emergencies, our experienced team strives to protect the natural teeth, supporting a restored smile. 

Contact Our Emergency Dentist in Regina

Courtside Dental is a family dental practice, committed to treating dental emergencies in Regina.

Call us, (306) 525-2577 or contact us as soon as possible when experiencing a dental emergency and our staff will do their best to fit you in same day.